SIGEvo Summer School 2018 in Osaka, Japan, back-to-back with GECCO 2018

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SIGEvo Summer School 2018 in Osaka, Japan, back-to-back with GECCO 2018.


July 13, 14, and 19 (plus activities in July 15-19). It will take place in Osaka the days before the conference, will have some activities during GECCO proper, and we will wrap up on the afternoon after GECCO is over with discussions, a hackathon and presentation of joint work.


SIGEVO is a special interest group of ACM always looking for new ways to enlarge the community of researchers working in different biologically inspired metaheuristics. The second SigEvo Summer School (S3), held in conjunction with GECCO 2018 in Kyoto, is looking for students and mentors.

The core of the second S3 will take place in Osaka in the days previous to the conference, and will continue in daily interactions during the conference proper in Kyoto, finishing in the same day of the conference later in the afternoon. That way, students will be able to enjoy and learn during the conference proper at the same time they meet researchers and advance in their learning tasks. GECCO tutorials, workshops, and papers will be an integral part of the S3.

Students are expected to:

Students of the S3 will be eligible for travel, register and lodging grants of GECCO.

We specially encourage women and minorities to apply for this summer school, where everyone is welcome.


We will meet on July 13th at the Kindai University in Osaka, room to be determined.

More information

See the special section on S3 that will appear soon on the web page of GECCO

Any comments or questions on the school organization, please contact JJ Merelo (


Mentors are expected to prepare material in coordination with the rest of the faculty, as well as deliver talks during the summer school and mentor their share of students. They will have to be present during all days the summer school is taking place.

If you are interested in being a mentor for the second S3, please send your information (name, affiliation, and contact information) to JJ Merelo (